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August 02, 2021

What Causes House Fires In Champaign And How To Prevent Them

When you’re a homeowner, one of the scariest perils to your home and family is the potential for a fire. The U.S. Fire Administration estimated in 2019 that American homeowners suffered approximately $1.6 billion in losses by means of unforeseen or unattended fires. The terrible truth is fires are unexpected and many times preventable -- if you know where to start. And, luckily, you are equipped with a monitored fire alarm that gets you aid immediately if you ever have an emergency.

What Causes House Fires In Champaign?

Fires can spark in any spot at any time on the premises. However, you can lower the danger of a house fire by taking countermeasures around the following objects:

  • Stoves and Ovens: Cooking is far and away the leading cause of a house fire in Champaign. Cooking-related flames typically begin when the kitchen goes neglected during meal preparation. Water tossed on a grease fire will expand a flame that would otherwise be contained.

  • Candles: Nodding off in an area with a going candle is risky, even if you’re using a recessed candle holder. The flame can easily catch a curtain on fire if left on a window sill, and pets can bump into candles while exploring. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that more than 7,600 houses were damaged because of candle-related accidents between 2014-2018.

  • Electrical wires: Corroded electrical circuit interrupters, “tamper-resistant” electrical outlets, aging or incorrectly installed lighting, and split lamp cords is a big risk. Don't overload your outlets or plug any object in with exposed electrical components. And if you hear crackling or catch a whiff of smoke from the outlet, power down the breaker off prior to investigating.
  • Space Heaters: Avoid coiled space heaters because debris, like dust, old papers, or covers can accidentally make contact and spark up. However, you should also monitor fan and ceramic space heaters at all times when in operation.
  • Cigarettes: Just in 2014, U.S. fire departments came to more than 17,000 home fires started by cigars, pipes, or cigarettes. If you enjoy tobacco who partakes inside, be certain they never pass out with a cigarette or lay in bed with one. And fully extinguish your paraphernalia before you toss it into a waste bin.

A Monitored Smoke Detector Will Can Helps When There’s A Fire

If a fire should start, you will need to have a speedy warning system to alert your spouse and children before it's too late. An ordinary smoke alarm is adequate but is limited to alerting you if smoke is abundant. A cutting-edge fire alarm -- a security device that's pair with your home security network -- is able to discover both smoke and rising temperatures and can do more to ensure everyone’s safety.

A monitored fire alarm has multiple it can inform you of rising heat. Your alarms will notify your loved ones with an ear-piercing tone and a message to your mobile device. Then your ever-vigilant monitoring experts gets a hold of the fire department. And if you're ever somewhere where you aren’t able to speed back in time when a fire breaks out, you can rest assured that your monitoring agent will maintain communication between you and the fire department.

Protect Your Home With Monitored Fire Alarms From Secure24 Alarm Systems

The odds of house fires in Champaign should never be written off, but you can have peace of mind if you use a monitored fire alarm in your home. Contact Secure24 Alarm Systems, and we’ll help you get all the safety alarms you need with a comprehensive home security system. Call (217) 765-0086 or fill out the form below to get started.